Information About Agra
Agra provides a grand fiesta for senses. Located at the picturesque banks of River Yamuna, Agra is around 200 kms away from Delhi. It adds on to the exquisite monuments in the city. The Pietra Dura effect on the sand while marble is at a distance of just 200 km from Delhi. Agra is an ancient city which still clings back to its glorious yesteryears. No matter how many times you have visited this city, each visit will be a fresh and novel experience, rather like old wine it gets better every time. Agra has a rich historical background. Though it is largely linked with Mughal history, this ancient city dates back to the times of Mahabharata.

About Agra City
The city of Taj was the capital of Mughal dynasty. Some of the popular excursions from Agra are the Fatehpur Sikhri, Sikandra, Mathura, Vrindavan etc. it is said that Emperor Akbar created this city of Fatehour Sikhri after he was blessed by a sage with an offspring. But sadly it was abandoned due to water shortage. Agra Fort, the blood coloured signature of Mughal architecture is worth a visit. Some of the others are aid-mat Daula, Chini ka Roza and many more. Mughal heritage walk is an excellent means to explore the entire heritage relics of the city.

Agra has a sub tropical weather. It can get extremely hot during summers that is up to 40 degrees and in winter it can get down till 4 degrees and it can get a bit foggy. It has heavy rainfall during monsoons. Travelers are advised to avoid the extreme summers and rainy season.

Agra has the best transportation facilities and it is also well-linked with all the main cities in India via road, rail and airport. It is only 4 hours from Delhi. The NH-2 connects it to other metro cities like Delhi and Kolkata. It also tops in terms of transportation facilities as it is situated on National Highway No. 2 that connects New Delhi and Kolkata both are metro cities. The authorities having recognized the utmost tourism value of the city took great effort in improving the infrastructure within and outside city.
Shopping in Agra
Agra acts as a remarkable temptation for those shoppers who cannot resist real ethnic products as well as others. If you move beyond the monumental vision in white and other architectural wonders in red sand stones, there opens a threshold of shopping possibilities after the well cared lawns surrounding the shrines. Here you have a chance to test and hone your bargaining skills. Of course it takes time to be a master. Constant vigilance is the only way to prevent unnecessary complications with the local traders.

The simple fact is that there is a lot to do, see and buy whether it is handmade footwear, miniature paintings, exquisite hand woven carpets or the Agra special sweet peda. The post cards are bought by the dozen to be sent to friends and relatives. One has to be weary of touts in Agra and it is best to avoid it if a seller tries to tempt you with cheap products especially marble. If you want to buy a marble souvenir, it is advisable to buy it from a reputed shop. But the local crafts and stone inlay work are most beautiful and emits the old world charm.

There are numerous departmental stores and shopping malls with multiplexes in Agra from where you can purchase any accessories and goods of international brands. The malls are completely air conditioned and the interiors and exteriors of the malls give the city a cosmo look. The department stores of Agra sells apparels at relatively cheaper price compared to other metro cities like Delhi. Agra is no longer a sleeping city, but very much vibrant and kicking.

Do not miss the Kalakriti visit even if you have no intention of purchasing marble figures. The odds are that you may probably change your mind after seeing the display. It has such amazing collection of delicate marble arts and craftworks. You can even find other items such as clothes, woodwork, jewelry etc. you can also catch an evening show of dance drama, usually staging the story of Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz. The stage is set beautifully with proper sound effects and lighting.