Isn’t it time to move beyond the obvious? It is. The moment people hear the term Indian golden triangle, they tend to associate with heritage cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur with it. But there are other places in India worth exploring. Not for nothing India is known for its diversity. Each part of the nation is so distinct yet one highly provides for the fact that leaving other parts of India means missing out an entire chapter of visiting India. The West India Tour is one such tour package which covers the prominent places in Western states like Maharashtra, Gujarat etc.

Touring around India will give you more than a chance to unwind. It gives you in depth information and insight to the real Indian culture, heritage, traditions, wildlife etc. The West India triangle tours mainly comprises of Mumbai-Ajanta and Ellora-Aurangabad with or without an extension trip to Goa. The rapid switch from the metropolitan Mumbai to explore the age old Ajanta and Ellora caves with its exotic carvings and sculptures and Aurangabad, which was named after the Mughal Emperor, makes the circuit trip claim the golden pages of your travel journals.

The West India tour takes an exceptional effort to bring forth the unnoticed treasure in India, still hidden and waiting to be discovered. Who knows you may be the one to discover one such thing going along the places where no feet have trodden before. Experiences lead to life and life leads to wisdom. It is astounding that a trip to unknown once in a while can teach you things that will last for a life time.

The Western India tours strives to strike and maintain a balance between popular sectors as well as lesser known sectors. The repertoire of treats tagged with the tour like regional cuisines, shopping ethnic products, viewing nature at her unusual best etc cannot be described only be experienced. Travelling is a great way to assimilate life. You can achieve the beauty, grace and sophistication of it with the triangle tours of Western region of India.

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West India Triangle

Routing: Mumbai–Bhuj–Sasangir–Diu–Bhavnagar–Uteliya–Zainabad–Baroda–Ahmedabad

Duration: 17 Nights / 18 Days

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